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10 Worldwide Latin American Traditional Dances

10 Worldwide Latin American Traditional Dances

Dance is a body movement that is rhythmic and performed at a certain place and time for the purpose of socializing or expressing feelings and thoughts. Dance is usually part of a culture that also serves as entertainment, performance, ceremony or educational media. Each country generally has its own distinctive dance and becomes the identity or characteristic of that country. For example, like Latin America. This area does consist of several countries whose people are known to be very fond of dancing. It’s no wonder that traditional Latin American dances are very famous in several countries. So, here are the traditional Latin American dances that are interesting to watch.

Pasillo danza equator

Pasillo, Panama

Pasillo is one of the traditional Latin American dances which is also quite interesting and distinctive. Although this dance is very popular in the regions of Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, and Venezuela, the Pasillo is considered the most iconic Ecuadorian folk dance.

The dance was originally adapted from the European waltz, but the Pasillo is slower than the average South American dance rhythm. This makes it unique because the way to dance is unique, which varies according to the city and region.

Candombe dance

Candombe, Uruguay

Another traditional Latin dance that you need to know is Candombe. This dance comes from Uruguay which is very distinctive.

The Candombe dance was originally brought by African slaves in the 18th century and has dances with different rhythms which incidentally are characterized by feelings of melancholy as well as longing.

Cueca dance

Cueca, Chile

Cueca from Chile is also one of the most interesting traditional Latin American dances. Cueca is a dance that dates back to colonial times and is a fusion of criollo with elements of Spanish fandango.

This dance is performed by two dancers, namely a man and a woman where the man tries to seduce the woman with an enthusiastic look and stomps hard. They then dance by linking arms and walking around the dance floor, before facing each other and dancing, contactless while waving white handkerchiefs. This dance has a fairly cheerful rhythm and often uses handclaps or tambourines to maintain tempo.

Joropo dance

Joropo, Venezuela

The last traditional Latin American dance is Joropo. This Joropo comes from Venezuela who borrows a lot of rhythm from Spain which was very popular during the colonial period. Joropo has very enthusiastic movements and stomping, hand and foot claps.

This Joropo dance is usually performed at the celebration of dancers among Venezuelan people and one of its famous songs is “Alma Llanera” which is considered the national anthem of the two countries because the song is always sung at the end of parties and celebrations.

salsa dance

Salsa, Cuba

The first traditional Latin American dance was Salsa. This dance is indeed quite familiar to our ears because Salsa is indeed one of the world’s most popular dances.

Salsa is a typical dance of the Caribbean Islands and originates from Cuba. In Cuba, if you want to look cool you have to be able to dance Salsa and that’s not easy. The reason is you have to practice several times until proficient. Usually Salsa is shown in bars that have a dance floor. But you don’t need to be surprised if Caribbean people like to dance Salsa on the roadside because this dance is ingrained there.

tango dance

Tangos, Argentina

The next traditional Latin American dance is Tango. Similar to Salsa, Tango is also quite familiar because this dance is quite popular in the world.

Tango comes from Argentina, where its origins are a mixture of European and African cultures. Tango dance is considered romantic and is one of the traditional Argentine dances which is also a proud culture. Not only Argentina, Uruguay also helped preserve this dance. It’s no wonder that Tango is getting more and more popular, even in America and Europe.

samba dance

Samba, Brazil

Brazil is also known as a country in South America, which has one of the most interesting traditional Latin American dances. This dance is called Samba and similar to Tango and Salsa, Samba is also quite popular throughout the world.

This Samba dance is commonly enjoyed by all groups in Brazil and is often performed at certain festivals or celebrations. Samba is famous for its uniqueness, namely its sparkling, extravagant, colorful and sexy costumes. Not only that, the music that accompanies this dance makes the Samba dance even more attractive.

The Samba dance is actually an Afro-Brazilian dance popularized in parts of Latin America. It’s no wonder that Samba is not only popular in Brazil, but also in various parts of the world.

la marinera dance

La Marinera, Peru

The next Latin American traditional dance is La Marinera. La Marinera is known as an elegant dance and represents the feeling of love which is danced by two dancers, male and female.

The two dancers danced with each other, moving in and out, back and forth in swooping motions and playing with the handkerchiefs that floated above them like birds. La Marinera originates from the Peruvian Coast and has slight variations throughout the country, in fact it is considered a traditional dance in Peru. There, you will find young children dancing the La Marinera dance in dance classes all over the city of Lima and other cities in Peru.

cumbia dance

Cumbia, Colombia

Colombia also contributes one of Latin America’s traditional dances which is no less interesting than other countries. This dance is known as Cumbia. Cumbia is a dance of native African and European rhythms with free movements and circular movements.

Sometimes, the female dancer carries a burning candle in her right hand and holds one end of her skirt with her left hand. While the male dancers step around the female dancers with their right heel raised and their knees slightly tilted. He also took off his straw hat and put his head back while keeping his arms outstretched. This Cumbia dance was originally a burial ritual because it used candles and was usually performed at night.

danza-de-la-botella dance

Danza de la Botella, Paraguay

The following traditional Latin American dance originates from Paraguay and is known as the Danza de la Botella. Danza de la Botella means “The Bottle Dance” and is a Paraguayan traditional dance that is quite popular.

This Danza de la Botella features female dancers balancing a bottle on their heads while dancing. This dance certainly requires extraordinary balance and strength, considering that usually, the professional Danza de la Botella dancers use four to five bottles on their heads at one time.

It is still unclear about the history of this dance. However, there are those who say that this dance originated from the colonial era where women often carried water bottles on their heads when going to farming.

5 Tourist Attractions in Panama Pamper Your Eyes And Make Your Heart Happy

5 Tourist Attractions in Panama Pamper Your Eyes And Make Your Heart Happy

This tourist spot in Panama is a crossroads in America, which is a geographical point where North America and South America meet. So Panama is also very famous for its abundance of fish because the fish are abundant, so Panama is a place for fishing, and this water sport is really fun with family, friends or loved ones. Panama also has modern buildings, and is one of the paradises for cheap traveling! So for those of you who want to find a place for a vacation, you really have to stop by Panama to explore the beauty of beautiful natural tourist destinations in Panama. For those of you who don’t know what are the coolest tourist destinations in Panama, just go straight to the article below!

Playa Las Lajas

Playa Las Lajas

Playa Las Lajas is one of the most popular and beautiful beaches in Panama with a length of about 13 km. So Playa Las Lajas has soft sand, calm waves, fresh air, and a beautiful sky at sunset, which is indeed an exotic sight. The facilities here are fairly complete, namely there are luxury hotels, villas, restaurants, and huts in the countryside that you can visit. So for those of you who are bored with the hustle and bustle of the city, you can stop by Playa Las Lajas to breathe fresh air, and relax your mind by seeing the beautiful scenery at Playa Las Lajas.

Playa Bonita

Playa Bonita

The tourist destination that we will discuss in second place is Playa Bonita. So, as you all know, Panama has lots of small islands with stunning beauty, and one of them is in Playa Bonita with stunning views. So Playa Bonita is one of the places where ships go in and out, and it’s no wonder that Play Bonita has many luxury resorts with beautiful views. So for those of you who want to honeymoon, you really have to stop by Playa Bonita to spend time with loved ones with luxurious facilities and beautiful views.

Diabla Island

Diabla Island

Diabla Island is one of the islands that is separated from the Main City, and Diabla Island is in the ocean east of Panama City. Diabla Island is often called Devil’s Island, because on Diabla Island shipwreck accidents often occur. But because of myths, the spookiness of this island is what makes Diabla Island famous among curious travelers to visit. The facilities on Diabla Island are fairly complete, namely, there are restaurants, bars, and hotels that you can rent while on Diabla Island. So for those of you who visit Panama, you really have to stop by Diabla Island.

Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga is 20 km from the city of Panama, and Isla Taboga is one of the favorite places for tourists visiting Panama. So Isla Taboga has a variety of water activities such as jet skiing, speed boating, and fishing. But for those of you who want to enjoy the scenery while sunbathing, or taking a walk here, you can really stop by here to breathe the fresh air here.

Sendero Los Quetzales

Sendero Los Quetzales

Sendero Los Quetzales is near a small town called Cerro Punto which has the most beautiful trails in Panama so when you do the 9 km route you can enjoy the beautiful scenery here. You will be spoiled with views of the Parue Nacional Volcan Baru forest, and the mountains above Boquete, and you can also hire a tour guide to explore the beauty of Sendero Los Quetzales. How is Sendero Los Quetzales beautiful, and offers beautiful natural scenery, right? So what are you waiting for, hurry up and go to Sendero Los Quetzales?

7 Most Creepy Unique Festivals in the World, Dare to Come?

Every country in the world always has interesting celebrations or Scary Festivals in the World and is full of meaning. Usually, the celebration is held because of the influence of a local community belief, so that it becomes a culture that has been preserved for generations. Even so, it turns out that not all festivals signify a pleasant celebration, you know. It turns out that there are also a number of countries in this world that hold unique, but very scary festivals so maybe you will think twice about seeing it in person. So, for those of you who are curious and want to attend the festival in person, here are 10 of the scariest unique festivals in the world that can make your skin crawl. Dare to come?


Kukeri Festival, Bulgaria

The first unique festival in the world is the Kukeri Festival. Kukeri is a traditional Bulgarian dance festival aimed at scaring away evil spirits.

Kukeri Festival takes place in the city of Pernik, Bulgaria at the end of January every year. At that time, you can see thousands of people gathered from all over Bulgaria wearing scary costumes. Many of them use animal skin costumes that look scary along the city streets.

Nag Panchami - India

Nag Panchami, India

Nag Panchami is one of the scariest unique festivals in the world that you shouldn’t miss. This festival, which is held in India is usually held every month of Shravan, around July to August.

Nag Panchami is a festival that involves prayers and offerings to the Snake God, which they say protects them from the bites of poisonous snakes. For many people, snakes are considered dangerous animals or omens of evil, but not for Hindus who worship snakes during the Nag Panchami festival.

Vegetarian Festival, Thailand

Vegetarian Festival, Thailand

The next most spooky unique festival in the world is the Vegetarian Festival. Don’t be fooled by the name, because this festival is not a food or vegetable festival.

Vegetarian This festival is a terrible festival where there is gore splattered and ritual self-mutilation. This festival, which is celebrated in Phuket, Thailand, usually lasts for 9 days and starts on the night of the ninth month. The festival begins by seeing incoming Taoists walking on hot coals, cutting their bodies with swords and impaling themselves with nails. How spooky, right?

Festival of Devils and Congos, Panama

Festival of Devils and Congos, Panama

Panama also has a unique festival that is the scariest in the world that you must visit, known as the Festival of Devils and Congos.

This festival takes place every two years in the village of Portobelo, on the Caribbean Coast of Panama. The Festival of Devils and Congos reminds the Africans who were used as slaves. Meanwhile, the Congos symbolize the ancestors of the villagers who rebelled against their masters, escaped from slavery, and formed their own community. When this festival takes place, many residents wear spooky costumes representing the invaders.

Los Agüizotes, Nicaragua

Los Agüizotes is one of the scariest unique festivals in the world that originates from Nicaragua. This festival features an array of dancing monsters and is one of the many traditional festivals in Nicaragua.

Los Agüizotes is usually held in the city of Masaya, where this festival brings together various indigenous and Spanish myths. Everyone who takes part in this festival wears ghost costumes that represent the myths of the city. From headless ghosts to crying female ghosts. This festival is usually held on the last Friday of October and forms part of the celebrations dedicated to Saint Jerome.

The Busójárás, Hungary

The Busójárás is also included in the list of the scariest unique festivals in the world that you shouldn’t miss. This festival is one of the Hungarian cultures that is still maintained today and is celebrated every year in the city of Mohács.

The Busójárás is a festival to commemorate the Ottoman soldiers who were expelled from Hungary. During the festival, local residents wear scary masks and costumes.

Holy Week, Spain

The most spooky unique festival in the world, next is Holy Week in Spain. This celebration is held in the city of Zamora in March or April each year.

This Holy Week festival features an ominous procession through the darkness by people deemed to be sinners. They would wear white robes and conical hats like ghosts to cover their identity and symbolize their humiliation. This festival is intended as their repentance without knowing their identity.

Those are 7 of the world’s scariest unique festivals that are worth watching while on vacation there. So, do you dare to watch it?